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J.C: What Party?

September 30, 2008

I woke up this morning with a strange feeling of being watched.

Somebody was watching me.

Fore one tiny little moment I though that Henry Paulson came for an advice or maybe God. But it was my dog. He just needed to take leak and say good morning – in that order.

I read Novak’s exposé over Paulson’s and his families political preferences. It was really a guacamole for the eye.

He worked for Nixon, donated money to Clinton’s campaign 1992. His wife donated to Hillary’s campaign a few months ago. And he was an executive making 37 million at Goldman Sachs as late as 2005. And now same Goldman Sachs is under reconstruction.

So theoretically the US Treasury Secretary, Henry Paulson should be well connected in any camp in times like these.  

Yesterday we saw an unexpected union between liberal democrats trying to make a point and boost for Obama’s campaign together with conservative republicans. The two in love may even come up with a unified banderol: Not a Taxpayers Dime to Fucking Wall Street.

China is doing what everybody wishes. They took off for a holiday until Monday.

For Pelosi, Paulson, American homeowners, stockholders and other’s Thursday will be the next test. Will the rocket backfire then as well? Or will Super Obama enter with his golden cape and save the world.

One thing is for sure. A lot of unscrupulous pirates are on the loose right now preparing to capture what could be captures and their sword is named “Instability” and their device will be “Management by Chaos”.

Pelosi said “The Party is Over”. I think it just started for some.