I have been thinking a lot these days.

I am not an economist. But I have read a lot in my life as a reporter. I also worked for some years covering markets and companies.

I do not regard myself as stupid nor a genius but I have won an award in investigative journalism in Sweden  for a number of articles regarding faulty medicines.

My point is that I have read the text of the rescue package number one, that was rejected. And frankly I had difficulties to understand what it says.  

And during these turbulent days there have been loads of reporters at television trying to explain the details.

Yes, well I get the essence. Bad securities or worthless securities will be restructured in order to save the system that has been relying on something we have been watching for some years now and said look it is fantastic, just like the story by Danish author Hans Christian Andersen “The Emperor’s New Clothes”. Suddenly a little child touched the Emperor’s clothes and screams: He is naked!

But how do we know who is going to get what medicine. And what are the loopholes in the package.

Most people in top positions must have known this for a very long time. How do we know that what we see know isn’t a deliberately restructuring process by some of the major players.

I looked at Carlyle Group. What happened inside the company that last couple of years.

What are Randal Quarles, Oliver Sarkozy, Moffett and the other Bushians up to?

It is in times like these when the wheels spin so quickly that you can’t se what they are made from.  

I remember the S&L scandal in the 80: ies, The BCCI scandal and a lot of other financial events were “creationism” were present.

Does the Capitol Hill know what’s really inside the package? Who wrote it?

Even if you can’t see inside it I smell greed and that is normally a bad sign.











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