My name is Stefan Hagberg.

I am 53 years old. I was born in Helsingborg a seaside town in the south of Sweden.  From the age of one to seven years old I lived and grew up with my grandparents. They had a house with a large garden where there were all kind of fruit trees, vegetables, flowers and bushes. The dense bushes were my friends and I created secret hideouts there of which true nature only me and my friends knew. My grandparents also had a small summer house and a garden that was crossed by a river in the countryside. My grandfather worked as a manager at a printing house. He always brought magazines covered with paper on Fridays when the following week’s issues were printed. 

The late fifties and the sixties was an amazing period of time all in all. If I ever could make another choice I would not change my choice though the Viking period or when the first car came or the peace after World War II would have been something to have witnessed.

I still can remember when I four years old was sitting next to my uncle listening to the radio when a Swedish boxer named Ingemar “Ingo” Johansson became Champion of the World the 26t of June 1959 at Yankee Stadium in New York were he met Floyd Patterson.

Same with a crucial match when Sweden won over Canada in hockey. It was a time of optimism that one could practically smell from the society, at least in Sweden that has been maneuvering their way through World War II and was ready to sell the future to the rest of the world – a social touch of course.

My grandmother was a housewife at the time. She was classmate with a famous Swedish politician Alva Myrdal but my grandmother was unfortunately forced to finish and start to work when she finished fourth class. Her classmate became minister and was awarded Nobel Peace Prize 1982. So it goes. But at least I am truly convinced that my grandmother was one of the human beings in the world that had a brilliant mind. She had a Nelson Mandela or Gandhi type of insight.

I liked to read at an early age and at the time I lived with my grandparents they often took their time and used to read for me. Stories written by Astrid Lindgren, Mark Twain, Enid Blyton and Rudyard Kipling amongst many others. So I really liked books at an early age and was very well aware of the dreams and adventures that could hide between the pages. Many years later I came to introduce the Tolkien trilogy to them. They loved it and when they passed away 87 and 93 years old Tolkien´s books were left showing quiet visible signs that they hade been read over end over again.

School was a little bit of a problem for me. I was probably a little bit spoiled in certain aspects. I had a very good friend from the age of five to seven. He was three years older than me and he had a sister and his family ran a repair & service shop in the outskirts of Helsingborg.

When there ever was a quarrel and it happened I only hid behind my older and stronger friend and his friends. But when I began school I forgot that I did not have any friends that were three years older any more so I got beaten up really good for a number of years until  I got stronger and paid back.


My father and mother were teachers. They lived in Gothenburg until I was seven. Then I got one sister and the next year another. I was not exactly prepared for that. Later I learned that my parents was that neither as they weren´t with my appearance seven years earlier. Preparedness was not their favorite sport. My parents eventually hastily moved to Helsingborg and an apartment block and I was forced to live with my parents and my baby sisters. That was a very different life and I never liked it very much.

I may fill in more from then to now when I have time.

I have been working within a lot of different professions, most of the time as a freelance journalist and consultant. I have started and been involved in several IT-businesses.

I was based in Iraq 2003-2006 and have been occupied writing books since that. I am about to finish the third and have loads of ideas for upcoming ones.

Since my wife is still there so I may “hold back” some of my retrospectives memories. But to make one thing clear so there will be no wonders: I am one hundred percent sure that Bush did the right thing when he when after Saddam.

That does not mean that I am a blue neck conservative. I have registered and voted blank for 31 years in Sweden.

What is important to me is not what people say. It is what they actually do.

I will probably use my space here to discuss matters I find interesting. English is not my native language as you may have discovered but I hope that despite the grammatical flaws I will get my message through. Swedish is by all standard “flee shit in the universe” a travesty of a famous Swedish author, Jan Fridegård. 

I hope that people that disagree with my views and thought will react and comment in this blog. It is the basic idea.

Best Regards

Stefan Hagberg

“Spike” is my Senior Advisor on Iraqi issues. He spent 2 years down there chasing frogs, cats, wild dogs (or the opposite), snakes, grasshoppers and mice’s. He knows most of the check points and is known by most of them, His undercover name is ”Gorga Spi” that is equivalent with “White Wolf”. What I do not know he knows. What we do not know my wife since seventeen years Carina knows.


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