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Iran and Israel, two countries two standards

October 5, 2008


It’s raining cats and dogs in Stockholm. The trees are changing colors rapidly now. It has already been snowing in the north.

It’s autumn in The Paradise.

There is an interview with former Secretary General of UN, Mr. Kofi Annan in Dagens Nyheter Sweden’s major daily quality newspaper.  He pointed at the fact that the present crisis on the financial markets in US and as it looks also in other parts of the world could lead to a loss of thrust from third world countries.

Countries like USA and other large economies have often been active in demanding safe and sound financial operations from the third world in order to get their economies working. Now it looks that some countries could have needed a slurp or two of that medicine themselves.

This is a major problem in the world.

I read that the IAEA conference of 145 states indirectly criticized Israel for their refusal to put their atomic program under international control.

What is it with that country? Do they belong to a superior race that can do whatever they wish and laugh in the face of the rest of the world? It is time somebody grabs their ear and twists it good while telling them that if they want to be a part of the international community they also have to contribute.

The world is very sorry and fell ashamed for what happened in Nazi Germany to the Jewish people but it does not put Israel as a state above the rest of us.

The conference shows that more and more countries are in favor of a Nuclear Free Zone in the Middle East, but that includes  the land Israel. Jimmy Carter, the former president of USA told the public in May that Israel have 150 atomic bombs. 150!

To me the Iranian president Ahmadinejad is a clown, but a dangerous one because he is right about Israel’s attitude when it comes to their atomic program.

Both Israel and Iran has the right to produce electrical power through Nuclear Power. But they have no right whatsoever to start a nuclear war or even create uncertainty that undermines stability. Some of the Israeli officials has exactly the same ignorant attitude that we see on the Iranian side.

If the nuclear scientist David Albright is right,  are the Iranians not far from having the capacity to build a bomb and they already acquired for example the Hot Isostatic presses that is used for configuration of the atomic bombs vital parts. This equipment is used for the final assembly of the nuke head. This equipment was also found in Iraq after the first Gulf war and IAEA cut the presses in pieces.

I can not see any solution of the upcoming nuclear treat, a treat that is not only limited to Israel and Iran, it will go far beyond that. But it is naïve to believe that the international community could success with double standards one more time.

I think it’s time to rethink on a number of fields. Why should Ivory Coast be transparent when this emerging financial crisis could start without anybody saying very much?

Trustworthiness has unfortunately became a rarely seen commodity at the world market. It’s time to change that.