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Magic Carpet Ride

September 16, 2008

It will be a nice day to day in Stockholm today. “Spike” is snoring beside me and I just ordered a book from UK. “The Ardabil Carpets” published by the Getty Museum in Los Angeles 1974. I remember 1974. I was bicycling from Helsingborg to Skagen, a village situated at the very north of Denmark. That was a very nice trip except for the lorrys with fish on ice that constantly showered us. There was a exhibition of the Skagen painters that lived there and painted in the late 19th century. Anna Ancher, Michael Anker and P S Kröyer. Really nice. I especially remember one painting. Fishermen in raincoats gathering around a drowned colleague. Michael Anker. If you pass by there are some fine paintings at Bröndum Hotel in Skagen. Don’t miss it!

The Ardabil capets has a very interesting story that I will tell someday but now I need the book as reference litterature in order to create a dialoque in a part of my new novel. In fact I plan to call the novel “The Ardabil Carpets”.

But for your information they were two and originally  identical. from the middle of the 1600th century. But today one is in Los Angeles and the other is in London at Victoria and Albert Museum. Hitler hade a fake and another fake was at Downing Street.

The one at Victoria and Albert has 35 million knots. A replica is since a couple of years in Ardabil in Iran.