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September 19, 2008

I talked to my wife today. It is not that hot anymore. She was in Erbil the largest city in Iraqi  Kurdistan. It´s half way into Ramadan now. People are supposed to fast and think about the ones that do not have that much richness in their life.

In practice they have a terrible breath, show extremely dangerous behavior in the traffic and eat like they never seen food after the sun is down and it is permitted to eat again.

So the result is lower production in society, few thoughts about the poor and increased weight.

But everybody has to do what he or she believes in.

We Christians have stupid traditions as well. When I was a kid it’s was no to play football (soccer) on Good Friday. I was five and that was before there were 57 channels. I Sweden we had one channel and there was prayer and religious hymns all day. Ucka!

But times they are a changing, hopefully to the better.

It is important to reflect on poverty and why we run after money to much but… but…

Then after Ramadan you have Eid Al-Fitr and if anybody by chance lost some weight during Ramadan it will be lost under Eid Al-Fitr. It’s like Thanksgiving or Christmas.

But some people really do need to think about something else than gaining more wealth.

We had a guy at our company in Erbil that everybody called “The One Hundred”. It was referring to a one hundred dollar bill.

He was always thinking of money. You know the type.

I once showed him picture of a crane and asked him what the lifting capacity was.

-20 000 dollar, he answered before I finished the sentence.

So for guys like him Ramadan is strongly recommended but I suspect that he is only calculating that there will be need for less food for his children during Ramadan.

That’s another thing.

Some children are unfortunately fasting. There should be a law against fasting up to a certain age. Even the Koran has thought about medical exceptions, for example women that have their menstruation. I really hate se twelve year old kids that fast. It is more than stupid.