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Not so perfect system

September 22, 2008

I have been at very nice and relaxed weekend. “Spike” has been happy. Basically he did not have anything against cats but the little red teaser we had in the garden in Iraq changed him fundamentally. Before that he had an encounter with my sister’s cat at that time 21 years old. She was  red and there were already two dogs in that house that she was ruling over. “Spike” was just one year or something and was curious. Well she just showed him the claws and gave him some secret message. That was it. He accepted that it was her turf.

But the red one in Sari Rash destroyed everything and I know he jumps up and down when he sees a cat. And my mother in law has a lot of cats in and around her garden. It´s not her cats.  She also hates cats for some reason. So they are two triggering each other. Look, there´s a cat!

 One 81 year old and “Spike” nine sit side by side inside like moose hunters. Looking out in the dark.  

Anyway “Spike” did not get any cat luckily this weekend either. But he is still optimistic. Always! A little bit like the financial system.  At the moment we have the Minister of Finance Mr. Borg, a guy with a ponytail that ensure the Swedes that the Swedish economy is safe and sound.

If you are older that the ones that are younger you can remember, the crisis in the 70: ies, the one in the 80: ies and the one in the early 90: ies and the one 2001 and now we have a new in the pipeline.

On one hand the system we have is a market oriented system that has been driving towards less influence and steering from the state and more of market-fix-the-market-solutions. So has it worked? Not very good. The golden principle hammered out by the market seems to be that when everything goes alright and banks, large corporations etc make money people should understand that they have to do that because otherwise they can’t survive. So when they have became too greedy and the economy is tumbling in to a crisis that seems to occur every decade it is time for the public to pick up the tab and pay the bill. Like S&L in the eighties I US. Like the real estate crisis in the late nineties in Sweden, and now the same thing happening in US.

In the 90: ies the politicians decide to put an extra tax on people in Sweden including retired people. The retired was supposed to get refunded later when the good time came back. Now the economy have been blooming in the good times for some years but no refund. No Sir! The promise as so many before this one has been broken to people that first worked all their life to save for their pension and then when the assholes responsible for the economy fucked up, the elderly was suppose to pay and now when they should have use for the money with rising inflation et c they have to pay another round for the boys. This kind of politics is a menace to our so called democracy.