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October 13, 2008

The Nobel Prize Winner is…

If the Economy does not work properly give it to Milton Freidman or Paul Krugman.

So, Freidman already got it. I am sorry. Then give it to Krugman. I thought so.

He has been criticizing the Bush administration fiercely on more or less all accounts.

He is an East Coast Intellectual teaching at Princeton University outside New York.

Regarded to be a Neo-Keynesian. He may be a new John Kenneth Galbraith. What the world need just now is a new horseshitteorem, so Paul keep up the good work. The PC world stands behind your back, no doubt.

No, offense Mr. Krugman. Congratulations and Welcome to Sweden in December. But put on your on your Ushanka, because it could very well be cold outside between the festivities.