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Had they anything in common, Dillon, Matti, Pekka-Eric?

September 25, 2008

Michelle Cossey, 46 is fat, not fat but FAT. If you are 46 you should not walk with the help of a roller chair. You think of Gilbert Grape. But Michelle was nothing of the kind. She ran a private food business. It could be medical reasons behind her and the sons weight conditions. Her son Dillon has obviously inherited her volume. His mother cared for him. She loved her son Dillon  that was bullied by some straightout assholes. So she bought him two good riffles and a gun. That’s a loving mother. One rifle also had an advanced optical aim. She was not retarded or suffered from mental illness. She tried to help him.  As a normal loving mothers does for a son in trouble. The weapons in the cache were numerous but most of them were harmless air guns. Three was not harmless.

The authorities found out about the problems with Dillon before anything happened. Pekka-Eric Auvinen that carried out a School shootout last year in Jokela could have used a website that belonged to Dillon and Saari was probably in contact with Matti Saari that carried out another shootout the 23:rd of September 2008. Dillon is now serving time at a juvenile correction facility.

Are they alone? No they are not alone. They may be dismissed, loved but bullied, from white trash neighborhoods or from nice middle class homes. But they all share something. They don’t fit in. And moreover they do not exactly fancy what it takes to fit in a society like ours. Should we reflect on that or not. Fuck them!

Or not.

It seems that we are gearing up for something that is out of control like Al-Qaida but on our own school yards. Suddenly the neighbor boys that help you with the garbage turn up on CNN with ten of his mates shoot dead.  

The Finnish authorities did not want to rise the age that you can buy a weapon from 15 to 18. It was a proposal from EU. They turned it down  despite what happened last year but have now changed their minds.

Let me be very clear. If you really want a lethal weapon you will get it, maybe from your parent’s home or as in Dillon’s case from his understanding mother.

I don’t like Michael Moore. Not at all. You get what you deserve. His methods are disputable. There is a golden rule in journalism that I always try to stick to – The Truth Principle. You can write or publish anything as long as it’s true.

But I have no doubt, no hesitation when I state the following. NO JUVENILE need a half automatic pistol like Sig Sauer or Walther. There is an upload with these, Glock etc.

In Kurdistan, Iraq or Afghanistan, yes. I even recommended my wife to buy those extra, for her body guards Kalashnikov, the round magazine that able you to fire 70 bullets in a straight row. But in Columbine, Jokela or in Kauhajoki? For sure NO!

Finland has a tradition to be prepared for anything. Today we are talking about hunting as in Sweden. Hunting, yes for food but not for pleasure. Some people in Scandinavia hunt Moose, Bear or Dear for the food. So bee it. But don’t mix things. What Moose’s do you hunt with a P22 like Mr Matti Saari used or a Sig Sauer like his role model Mr Auvinen used. NONE. This weaponry belongs at shooting clubs, locked in and protected by strict regulations. You don’t need that kind of weapons at home in Europe and most certainly not in USA either.